List and status of UK Local Council Twitters as of 18th December 2008

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  1. Really interesting stuff, I set up the LDC Planning Applications Twitter account to provide people who already use Twitter with a quick way of seeing when planning applications have been listed.

    As a Twitter user myself, I find myself checking my account quite regularly (it’s embedded as a widget in my Netvibes page), and as planning applications are something that impact quite heavily on residents’ lives, I thought it would be great to be able to see at a glance when applications have been submitted without having to visit our site.

    It’s definitely more of a ‘news feed’ approach than a full on conversation approach, although this might be something we will look at in the future. Twitter’s definitely taken off big time in the last 12 months or so, and, as it gets more ‘mainstream’, will definitely be a useful tool for councils to converse with residents.

  2. Thanks for your input Stuart. I definitely found your Twitter to be one that intrigued me. Its a different approach which serves a specific purpose. I’m still trying to understand how Twitter can be useful in times of need and found this article that gave a good indicator on how Twitter can be used in public services.

    And I feel your Twitter is making the same type of contribution to this. Please keep me updated with your progress. Would be great to include it in my research. Thanks for the 1st comment on my blog! ;D

  3. I’d be interested to know how many followers each council had excluding other council/government generic accounts. Out of our (Pembrokeshire) 16 followers, 7 of them are other councils or government bodies and 4 are other council developers. Leaving maybe 5 real followers / possible members of the public.

  4. Hey nat, its funny that you mention that coz that is what I’m doing right now. I wanted to include in this post but it takes a long time to look through all followers. But will update you when I have the results. I’ve done one council that has more than 70 followers and I found that only 28% are possibly genuine members of the public, same percentage as followers who are social media specialist/enthusiats and other councils and web developers. There are also suspended and spam accounts on the list of followers… so its quite difficult to measure twitters performance.

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